Treethermography® is intended as an aid to arborists, as a system to view tree condition, and not to replace arborists’ expertise and professional skills. The courses are recommended for qualified arborists with at least three years of experience: in the application form, please indicate the course you attended, your diploma in arboriculture and briefly describe your work experience.

In the past, we used to offer 3-day and 5-day Treethermography® courses, but now, thanks to the experience that we have acquired, we recommend that participants take a 5 or 6 day course, unless participants are already familiar with Thermography, and can use thermal cameras. This is because it is necessary to provide concise, but accurate and thorough information on the physical laws that govern Thermography, to teach and use thermal cameras, to take measurements and interpret images. We teach how to interpret TIs on the spot, directly on the field, without resorting to costly softwares.

In 5-day courses, the three days spent on the field to measure trees of different species were deemed too few by some past course participants, but, at the same time, it is impossible to reduce the time devoted to the theory and the description of the procedure that will be applied on the field. Every morning spent on the field will be followed by afternoon classes to discuss the measurements taken and the interpretation of the various images, their reconstruction and the preparation of at least a Report. Trainers shall illustrate in detail and with plenty of documentation how to deal with and overcome difficult situations that participants shall meet in the application of the technique. In 6-day courses, a further day is devoted to on-the field measurements.

Every 5-6 day course participant shall receive a bonus for 30 TIs that will be sent to C&T in case of interpretation difficulties, on condition that the TIs are accompanied by a clear and readable image of the same tree portion, and a short description of the tree condition is provided.
E-mail us for a free quote for 5 or 6-day courses at Special discounts shall be offered to people from the same company: in this case, attach a relevant statement of your company, on the company’s printed letterhead and with the company’s stamp, to your application form. Payment should be made through bank transfer, at least 45 days before the course starting date. A pro-forma invoice shall be sent upon request of participants. Upon receipt of payment, a detailed programme and some documentation to be studied before the course will be forwarded to participants. Participants shall carefully read/study also the material on the website: this will give them some basic knowledge of the topics that will be dealt with and will reduce the time devoted to theory, to the benefit of practical measurements.

If a participant cannot take part in the selected course, it is possible to cancel their participation or postpone the course, without additional costs, on condition that C&T is notified at least 20 calendar days (Rome time) before the chosen date (via E-mail - with request for acknowledgment of receipt). In case of cancellation, the amount paid by the participant shall be immediately and totally returned to the participant (indicate bank details); in case of postponement the amount paid will be withheld by C&T as payment for the course. If the course is cancelled beyond the 20-day deadline, 30% of the amount paid shall be withheld and the remaining sum shall be immediately returned to the participant (indicate bank details); an invoice will be issued for the withheld sum.

If a participant requires to postpone the course and notifies C&T beyond the 20 day limit, the amount already paid shall be withheld by C&T as payment for the course. C&T will confirm the course postponement by e-mail. The participant shall however send an additional 10% of the amount paid for the course via bank transfer, before the starting date of the selected course: this sum shall be invoiced via e-mail.

A participant cannot ask for the cancellation of a course, after it was postponed. 
If a participant fails to arrive, the whole amount shall be withheld by C&T, that will send an invoice for the whole sum.
In case of travel problems (strikes, delays, etc.), immediately notify C&T by phone.

Teaching/research activities are also possible, upon request of participants and according to programmes suggested by them: contact C&T to explore the feasibility of the request and the relative cost; this cannot be considered a course.

The courses run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.: on-the-field activities may start earlier. There will be two coffee breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, lunch will be offered by C&T in a bar close to the course venue or the measurement sites.

The application form is available on the website: after agreeing with C&T the date of the course, then fill it in accordingly and send it over via e-mail; do not forget to mention special food allergies or special dietary requirements. Participants will be sent a list of hotels close to the course venue: traffic in Rome is really bad during the rush hour, so it is better to stay close to the course venue to avoid delays or long queues (St. Peter's Basilica-Vatican City is just about 6 kilometers away) and the underground to the main tourist attractions is not far from the course venue.