Catena & Thermography
Catena & Thermography
Catena & Thermography
"Treethermography® since 1984"

  Dr  GIORGIO CATENA presentation
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Dr. Giorgio Catena was born in Rome in 1941, he's married with two daughters and has a degree in Chemistry. Since 1970 he has worked as Senior Researcher at the Italian Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanitą - ISS), Rome, where he acquired and expanded his knowledge of thermal imaging and multi-spectral aerial photography, and applied it to the study of the environment. 
In March 1974, he set up the ISS Remote 
Giorgio and Alessandra Catena Dr ALESSANDRA CATENA presentation 
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Dr Alessandra Catena was born in Rome in 1973, graduated in Forestry at La Tuscia University, Viterbo (Italy) in 2000, and is in the Forestry Register of Rome. She is married with two daughters. 
1999 - 2001 she prepared her dissertation while regularly visiting the ISS Remote Sensing Unit, coordinated by Dr. Giorgio Catena, where she learnt to use Thermography in tree assessment 
2000 - 2005 she became immediately 
  Sensing  Unit (over 600 hours of flight using 5 Hasselblad cameras, 1 thermal scanner, 1 TV camera - over 40,000 recorded images) which he managed until he resigned from the ISS in 2003. 
He attended specialisation courses on Remote Sensing and environmental pollution in Italy and abroad. 
He was appointed Remote Sensing expert to a number of scientific bodies and commissions.
He held workshops, lessons and refresher courses on Remote Sensing at the academic and professional level: contract professor at the Specialisation School of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine, Tor Vergata University, Rome 
He introduced Thermal imaging to the assessment of tree stability in 1984, with his assistant Lanfranco Palla. 
In 2004, he set up a company with his daughter Alessandra, a professional tree consultant and signed a one-year contract with Dutch company BTL Bomendienst to disseminate the use of Thermography in the assessment of tree vitality. 
Dr Catena and his daughter Alessandra have over 50 articles and presentations delivered at international conferences on the use of Treethermography® - TTH. 

Use of Remote Sensing techniques (Thermography and Aerial Photography) to: 
* monitor coastal and water pollution and detect effluents 
* survey sanitary landfills and monitor industrial sites 
* detect vitality and decay in trees and study vegetation 
* carry out wild animal censuses 
    active in tree assessment as a freelance tree Consultant and cooperated with some of the most important Italian firms (including AR.ES. and Progetto Verde - Ferrara, Seacoop - Turin, Agri2000 - Bologna, Demetra - Besana Brianza, Green Operator - Milan) using both the VTA and Thermography for Public Bodies and Administrations and the private sector. She worked on a number of projects relative to tree stability in many cities in Italy and abroad
2004 she set up Catena & Thermography with Dr. Giorgio Catena, whose mission was the introduction of Thermography in tree assessment: after the company was closed down, she started working in the Public Administration (Veio Regional Park) 
2005 (December) - to date she has worked full time at Veio Regional Park, but she is still involved in Treethermography® as she actively contributes to its improvement 


1999 - 2005 she conducted investigations in many cities in Italy and abroad to detect the conditions of trees attacked by fungi of different species and took part in comparative tests that involved thermography and different invasive tools. 
2005 - to date she conducts research studies with Thermography for the purposes of assessing tree vitality

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